Consumer credit simulation

Consumer credit simulation

The credit comparator that we offer was initially built on the basis of consumer credit simulation. We compare all the offers of the biggest financial organizations like Viloan or Bankate. But we have enlarged it to include the possibility of simulating mortgage and credit repurchase. This is the best way to get cheap credit online, provided you go through a real comparator.

A real comparator

Indeed, many competitors are content to offer similar rankings which have the sole objective of earning maximum money . A real comparator will use the legal consumer credit rate: APR rate to propose an objective classification. This is what our credit simulator offers. It allows to obtain the classification of the best rates with regard to the personal loan, the car loan, the mortgage and the repurchase of credit.

But that’s not all. Having noted that many organizations offered very low but often unattainable call rates, we have developed a system to obtain the best rate adapted to each individual’s file. In fact, the lowest rates are often reserved for the best files , if only because they are offered on very short repayment periods. However in this case the monthly payments of credit explode. We have therefore developed a system allowing everyone to know what better credit rate we can actually obtain.

Getting a credit simulation at the best rate is good, but actually getting the best rate is better.

Get the best rate

After performing a credit simulation, just click on “online request without commitment” or on the button below. You will then need to complete a credit questionnaire.

At the end of this questionnaire, our system will automatically send the request to the cheapest credit institution. This organization will give us an answer in principle in real time via an exclusive online credit system, an answer that we will post. Thus, after the credit simulation, each customer will know if he can really get the best rate. If it was not the case, it will be possible to obtain an answer from the organization classified 2nd and 3rd with a simple click.

It is the only system which makes it possible both to obtain an objective credit simulation but also a concrete answer as to the possibility of obtaining credit.

Example of car loan simulation

By performing a car loan simulation for the most requested financing, namely a car loan of 15,000 USD over 48 months, we obtain the following comparison:

  • Best fixed taeg rate car loan: 2.40% monthly payment: $ 327.88 cost of credit: $ 738.24
  • Less good fixed taeg car loan rate: 6.55% monthly payment: $ 354.76 credit cost: $ 2,028.48

A difference this more than 1200 $ for exactly the same car loan!

Direct access to the auto loan comparator

Important : these simulations are performed on the basis of the fixed APR rate (find out more about the APR).

Example of personal loan simulation

Personal loans are the most popular type of consumer credit. It is used to finance any type of project. There is no need to justify the use of the money made available. So let’s take the example of a $ 8,000 credit simulation over 60 months:

  • Best fixed taeg rate: 4.90% monthly payment: $ 150.21 cost of credit: $ 1,012.60
  • Lower fixed taeg rate: 6.58% monthly payment: $ 156.12 cost of credit: $ 1,367.20

Example of works credit simulation

In the same way, a simple work loan simulation shows that for an amount of $ 30,000 borrowed over 84 months, it is possible to save nearly $ 2,000:

  • Best fixed rate taeg for work loan: 4.50% monthly payment: $ 474.98 cost of credit: $ 4,198.56
  • Lower fixed rate taeg fixed work loan: 6.58% monthly payment: $ 502.72 cost of credit: $ 6,195.84

Home loan simulation

Home loan simulation

The home loan simulation works differently from the consumer credit simulation. Indeed, the rate that can be obtained depends mainly on:

  • the borrower’s financial situation
  • the location of the purchase
  • the type of property
  • the type of investment

This is the reason why most mortgage credit simulators do not offer ranking of the best rates. As our approach is above all to compare and find the best rates, our mortgage simulation allows above all to find the cheapest offers adapted to each profile.

We therefore work as well with banks as with national or local brokers to ensure that we find the best tailor-made offer.

Simulation of credit repurchase

Simulation of credit repurchase

The repurchase of credit, still to denote grouping of credit, is the last large category which our credit simulator covers. The repurchase of credit is a specific offer which makes it possible to face difficult situations. Indeed, for one reason or another, we may find ourselves having to repay too many credits each month.

In this case, it is possible to combine all of your credits into a single new loan, the duration of which will be extended enough to obtain a reasonable monthly payment. The problem is that when you extend the duration of a loan, you greatly increase its total cost. Our credit simulation therefore makes it possible to vary the repayment duration to understand the consequences both on the fall in the monthly payment but also on the total cost of the credit in order to make an informed choice.

Online credit simulation

Online credit simulation

On the online credit simulation, there are really two optics. Either the online credit simulator offered is a calculator into which many parameters must be entered, including the rate. This type of online simulation is rather made to rough a project of real estate purchase. It allows you to assess the total cost of a loan or to determine the total amount that you can borrow based on the monthly payment that you are ready to repay.

The other type of online credit simulation is a simulator that integrates real market offers. It lets you know what the rates are and really see what financing plan everyone can claim.