We already talked about blogging on how to get out of debt and also gave several tips on credit. By now, you should know that swapping debt can be a good option for paying less interest, right? So let’s talk about online loan to pay off debts.

Loan to settle debts

Loan to settle debts

Yes, it may seem crazy to some, but taking a loan may be the best solution for an indebted person as long as he meets some requirements. For starters, it is very important to understand what your current financial situation is and what debts you have. But how so?

It’s quite simple. Personal loan is a good solution to pay off debts whenever you have more expensive debts than this type of credit. This happens when you are on a revolving card, overdraft, or with some overdue accounts that have high interest rates.

But it is no use just having a more expensive debt. It is crucial that before making this “debt transfer” the consumer is fully aware of his budget and his ability to repay the loan he is taking. This is because, as in other credit operations, default can cause consequences such as negation of the name.

One of the online loan possibilities for paying off debts is personal credit. By taking a loan from Loanico to repay debts, for example, the client requests a proposal and goes through a pre-analysis that takes less than three minutes to generate a result on the order.

The customer who is pre-approved then finds out what their fees are, what limit is available to them and how much the installments are for each form of payment. At Loanico you can pay the credit in 12, 18, 24 or 30 months and take values ​​between $ 2,500 and $ 50,000.

Once the documentation is approved, the customer receives an email informing them of their approval and proceeds to the verification of their checking account, receipt of slips and digital signature of the contract. All done quickly and uncomplicated on the Loanico website.

With everything right and confirmed, the money goes into the account within 1 business day and you can now pay your debts.

What are the other types of loan?

Beware of your personal data!

There are other types of loan that can also help anyone who wants to consolidate debts. Options include secured and payroll loans. They usually have lower interest rates than revolving and overdraft. However, it should be noted that these are credits that meet various customer requirements.

What if I am already negative?

money loan

If you have a CPF irregularity, there is a problem. This is because loan interest rates for negatives is very high. So taking such a credit to pay off a debt may not be the best option. In this case you need to analyze where the rate is lowest and the installments fit in your pocket.

You must always understand the best alternative to stabilize your financial health and not hurt yourself further. Keep reading our blog to understand how to act in certain situations.