Bankruptcy cases have declined significantly in 2021, but new challenges await, and here are some financial goals to consider for 2022

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“Companies That Don’t Offer This Are Missing Something”: Home / Office Hybrid Work Equals 10% Pay Rise, Stanford Economist Says

The flexibility of remote working has increasingly become a means of attracting talent. Read more

“The slowdown in job vacancies is a natural response to the worsening pandemic.” But this industry has suffered more than others

Some 4.5 million Americans left their jobs in November, representing a record-breaking 3% exit rate. Read more

This mandate has reduced the risk of wildfires destroying buildings in California by 40% – so why aren’t more states implementing it?

As climate change increases losses from disasters, research on public policies and market incentives is increasingly relevant, according to a new paper. Read more

COVID-19 Testing: Understanding the Difference Between PCR and Antigenic Testing

Each detects a different part of the virus, and how it works affects the speed and relative accuracy of the test. Read more

Got a hangover while on vacation? Here are some financial goals to consider for 2022

Maybe your budget or savings plan is gone, or you’ve been procrastinating on your financial to-do list. Read more

“It really came out of left field”: my wife and I are in our sixties. Our willpower should have been routine – and it was, until a macabre element

“We’ve always been on the same wavelength about almost everything in life.” Read more

“2022 could be the year of financial calculations”: bankruptcy cases have decreased considerably in 2021, but new challenges await you

Bankruptcy cases fell in 2021 after dropping in 2020. Read More

The 2022 BMW 7 Series: sumptuous, forgiving and calm. Better yet, it’s extremely fast

It may seem odd to endow a large luxury sedan with the ability to deliver driving thrills. But that is largely the essence of BMW. Read more

Why it might not be as easy as you think changing jobs or careers right now

Moving to a new job or field may require more new skills than expected. Here’s how to retrain. Read more

Elderly blind man among victims of $ 630,000 scam perpetrated by man claiming to be beneficiary of multi-million dollar estate

Prosecutors say Clarence Rice falsely claimed to be able to inherit millions, but only if the victims helped pay off his debts. Read more

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