Nathan Hartseil – Boston Agent Magazine

With his Midwestern sensibility, charisma and work ethic, Nathan Hartseil won over the people of New England.

Although Hartseil, Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager at Main Street Home Loans, is proud of his reputation and recognition in the industry, he really likes knowing he’s “the guy” that his lawyers, real estate agents and repeat customers mention when telling friends. and family, “I’ve got the guy who can get you into your forever home, better terms on existing loans, or access to equity to achieve other goals.”

From application to closure, everything is handled internally. “Part of my value proposition is providing a local presence, being accessible, and having a strong roster,” Hartseil says, noting that his support and production staff combine seasoned veterans with rookies from a variety of backgrounds. professional backgrounds such as sewing, financial planning and hospitality. . “They offer new approaches and attitudes to the lending space.”

Hartseil’s mastery of lending programs comes from nearly two decades of experience in residential financing. “I have the ability to respond to the full range of needs and complexities of borrowers referred to me,” he says. Its abilities as a direct lender allow it to assume the role of advocate and steward of the customer. “The advantage of being a direct lender gives us the ability to close deals that wouldn’t be possible using other channels,” he explains. “My team welcomes the opportunity to impress those who may have been let down by other lenders.”

A former Marine, Hartseil used the qualities instilled in him by the military to become an outstanding loan officer. “Who can you rely on,” he asks, “if not a Marine?”

The pandemic has demonstrated his team’s ability to adapt to sudden changes in the market. Still, Hartseil feels encouraged by the promise of a revitalized and more convenient housing market. He’s also looking forward to reviving the office’s trademark “Bourbon Fridays”, where clients and friends are invited to the office for a drink and to get to know the team.